Jan 7, 2011

The Mayan Star Children; Telepathic Teachings from Tulum, MX

 January 7, 2011

  Twelve light filled yogis joined me this year on our annual New years eve yoga retreat in Tulum, MX, where the energy is truly beginning to vibrate at higher frequencies with the end of their calendar drawing near. I love visiting Mexico and the Yucatan for so many reasons... the food, day of the dead art, the Mayan temples, the sacred cenotes, and the crystal clear beaches. The people are so warm and loving, and especially where we stay, at Uno Astro Lodge, there is a sacred Galactic community forming like no other I have experienced in my travels yet. The Astro Lodge is like a portal, where you feel more apt to receive healing, clarity, and  telepathic information, honor your body as a temple through dance, flying yoga, meditations, and lots of song.
  Each year we go we receive new lectures about the concept of time and 2012. The Mayan Long count, 26,000 years, was our last teaching. The Mayans live off of an organic, natural calendar, ruled by the moon, with 13 months representing the 13 times the moon circles the earth (instead of 12 unnatural months). This gives us 28 days to each month, in synchronic, cosmic order, providing evenness and steadiness instead of random numbers each month, using nature as a reference, as well as the natural gestation process of humans, as we align with our celestial bodies. The Mayans were inviting us to align with the preciousness of the now, in a more radial, cyclical reality, as oppose to being ruled by a linear, uneven, and confusing one based on paying our taxes. As the rulers of time, we align more fully with the atmosphere of our mind and of the Cosmic mind in this setting.

   A Mayan long count is 1/5 of a procession of equinoxes, or 26,000 years. On Winter Solstice of 2012, this long count is ending. With it, it is believed that the planet will experience a serious shift in social, environmental, and governmental changes, as well as serious inner uncoverings and unveilings of our own, so that we are primed for such a drastic movement in time and can handle it.
  A very large part of our retreat was to create offerings of our own blind spots and darkness and to invite for their extractions with great compassion for one another. These blind spots make it very difficult to really see or experience the now completely. This is what the "Kali Yuga", the cycle we are in now, is all about. It is a shorter period of time than any other yuga, where everything appears more chaotic, events seem faster and unorganized, and we feel like we may be getting spun in a Cosmic perculator. The Kali yuga is inviting us to activate our complete intelligence and Cosmic consciousness of the heart, and to stay centered amidst the struggle of the last remnants of darkness getting pulled out of us.
   The Mayan Calendar was precisely measured by keenly observing the stars, and honoring that all of us are star children, coming from this luminosity. As we link to what is light filled and  natural, we are synchronized with nature, and each window of frequency of the day can be utilized for our greater potential, as a powerful allie in our development. Once we are noticing more synchronicity, we are re-membering the Cosmic plan, not as a coincidence, but as a powerful, enchanting, and magical gift not to be overlooked it's perfection of Union.  We no longer feel desperate to grasp onto the magic of what moves us, for we are being moved all the time, in each moment.

   The "dark rift" in the mayan philosophy is the black hole within the milky way in Mayan philosophy. The dark rift is Kali, the birth canal, or womb, or which we all must enter to re-birth ourselves into a new level of consciousness through a rite of passage. The milky way is Siva, the Soma, the milky nectar of supreme awakening, surrounding Kali in the sky. This is the most expansive fractal that we know of, and entering the birth canal, there is more. We are a small fractal of this. As above, so below, and the invitation is the entering of this, with all of our tools, our intentions, our hard work. This is the total Galactic alignment, happening within us, and around us, in nature, and above us, in our solar system, and beyond.

   The North pole in the central channel of the body is the polestar in the sky. As we clear our obscurations, we will see more clearly. We will see the vast potential of the stars within our body. The North star is also our bindu point, our third eye seed of awakening,  activated by offering our confusion, cloudiness, despair. We can not remember that we are physic without first doing this, and the Mayans (and ancient yogis and indigenous cultures) believe that we are all telepathic beings.
  Televisions, telephones, computers show us what it is that we are already capable of doing from the inside. Lets begin now to access some of the teachings of our origins of the stars, being more perceptive than ever to a clear direct message from the inside out, as star children. So much is coming, and this will make the ride smooth, just like the essence of the cycles already happening in nature, it is already happening within us also.

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  1. Beautiful ! thank you Michele for sharing so poetically the profound experiences and sparkly colors of our retreats. we love you so.