Apr 22, 2011

The Tree of Life; Go to the Source, and the rest will follow.

Tree of Life; Go to the Source, and the rest will follow.

April 22, 2011  Good Friday

We had a very High frequency weekend last weekend here in New Orleans. There were a tremendous amount of celebratory things going on, from Yoga Earth Day on the Bayou, to a Triathalon, to vigils and forums provoking justice and freedom for a Black Panther in Angola prison, unjustly accused, to Sacred  Ceremonies from Peru, to one of my dear teachers in town who practices the Kabbalah, Kelle Eli. It made me so happy for our city, this growth, this light influx, and these healing social gatherings that are multiplying, where before, they were quite unusual. All of these events happened just before Passover, yet another high window and ritualistic opportunity to shift any imprisonments back to the Tree of Life, and I do feel a new movement of energy here, after hearing about 240 mini tornadoes reported whirling around all of the southern states, except our own.

                                                               Photo by Derek Goodwin

I myself was learning with Kelle, an energy healer, light worker, and Kabballist, along with 30+ other beings, all on light warrior paths. I am currently doing a mentor program with Kelle called the Tree of Life, and this window of grace is rocking my world, quite literally.
The Tree of Life in Kabbalah is our direct source to God, our antenna so to speak. This is used in comparison to the Tree of Knowledge, which is sort of a duplicate of the real image, but, it is indeed not the real deal. Our journey and purpose from a Kabbalistic point of view is to get ourselves back on the Tree of Life, because God wants to give us our birthright, our Ultimate Grace, our gifts, our dreams, our talents, our love, but, God can not if we sway from side to side, and do not stay in our center of the Tree of Life. 

In yogic language,  you could relate this to the Sushumna within you. It is a clear vessel of light, called a super highway. It is untainted, unskewed, and always pure. I can not be anything but this. The ida and pingala on each side represent us in our pendulums, moving away from our center, and sometimes very far from our center. It looks like the caducous that you see outside of many medical facilities, with serpents, a third eye upon, and wings. In Kabbalah, the left is about discernment, judgement, holding boundaries, strength, desire to receive, things taking form. On the right side, called pingala in yoga, the attributes in Kaballah are love, giving, flow, mercy, desire to give, distractions of bliss, and ego.

So why would some of these attributes be bad, you must ask? It is more about all things being in right relationship. Having balance in both the left and right is one of the commandments..."Honor thy Mother and thy Father", the left and right, black and white, sun and moon. We are very succespible when we are not in center, and we have the potential to create duplicate and false energy sources for our direct connection to God, getting way off track.

In Kabbalah, and in yoga, the human race is the bridge between heaven and earth as the caretakers to all the kingdoms. The sushumna, or, our Tree of Life that resides within us, is an infinite vertical God line, or pillar. It is our communication line to the Highest Self. When we are  severed, and then return to our Tree of Life, we are like a lightening bolt of energy, and we get poured into as a human vessel, with infinite pure light. A part of fully containing the Tree of Life within you is getting out of the way. As we make this shift from the Tree of Knowlege, many constructs will brake down, resist, trick, and bribe us into getting back into the weaker duplicate of the Tree of Knowledge. We often find that many old set paradigms just do not make sense any longer as we experience this unification of our chakras, and often many things will have to change.

Yogis are bold and radical beings. They want to get to the root, this the word "radical", coming from rad or radish. Any prisons we have imposed upon ourselves will be revealed to us, for it becomes impossible to take on fake light, or let our light diminish, drain or be fed upon in any way. This lighting of the Tree of Life means our ego has aligned with Spirit. It is like a Cosmic "do over" of sorts. Humans have free will, and we can create, and recreate again until it feels totally right, assisted by the Creator, free of prisons or limits. This is very radical.

On Passover, I sat in a replicated prison cell, mocked like the ones in Angola, to raise awareness for a Black Panther that has been unjustly accused and sentanced to life in prison. As I sat in that cell for 1 hour, and getting to talk to many members and advocates of the Black Panther Party, it got me to face what prisons I create for myself in my own mind. What are the shackles that I obsess over and loose energy from daily, thinking that there will never be any escape. It showed me too, this time in the cell, how valuable our freedom is, yet, free inside, aligned with the Ultimate untainted source, we are always free. No one can take that from us unless we give them permission to do so.  

On Passover, the idea is to offer up the first ego construct that comes to mind and binds you, so that you can then begin the process of rebuilding your free Tree of Life from the inside. Once set into motion, even someone literally bound by the slavery of an unjust and fearful prison system such as Angola can not take freedom away from those that are truly free, like the one still sitting in there right now as I enjoy my coffee on my porch overlooking the bayou.

The amazing wonder of the Tree of Life is from a Kabballah view is that God wants to give to us. Wants to give us everything, but the Source can not give if we are stuck, imprisoned, enslaved, or bound in any way from within. This is not what the Source wants for us either. It should never feel like anything has "got you". Nothing does, and it is possible to release the prison and the limits so that we can truly receive real light.

                                                           Photo by Derek Goodwin

The Tree of Life represents ouf Ultimate Origin and total freedom, residing within us. It reminds me of a Prince Song that I like to sing on my bike rides along the bayou...
"Be glad that you are free. Free to change your mind. Free to go most anywhere anytime. Be glad that you are free. There is many a man who is not. Be glad for what you have, and what you've got."

We do have it all. The Tree of Life is within you, and has been there all along. Divine order exists within your very being, as you "pass over" and into your new improved model. As many of my dear yoga teachers say, "go to the source, and the rest will follow".

Go to the Source, and the rest will follow.

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