Jul 2, 2015

BE FREE. Living Large and Liberated

 BE FREE. Living Large & Liberated.

                                 "May you naturally liberate whomever you meet." Ram Dass

  My first gig, according to my Mother, was selling sea shells. I have always adored the ocean and beach. Each summer I use to visit the Oregon Coast with my Grandmother. We would go on long silent walks. Nothing was expected of us. We mutually loved one another.  I remember it feeling so powerful & immense… a world of total abundance,  my love of the ocean and of her. The size of it made me feel free, so I always wanted to take the ocean home with me as it was my first experiences with something boundless and immense.  I realize now that I wanted to BE the ocean. I wanted to Be, and to be free, just like the powerful depth of Divine Mother Ocean. And if not, I dreamt of being a mermaid.

 I consider her an entity, a Super Soul in a Mother form, and a very magical one at that.  I feel very large & young around her and her reflection. I feel boundless at her side, totally undomesticated and unplugged. But I realize now, even if I was quite innocent then, that continuing to take from her is not liberating for her, nor me. Really, if I love something, or someone, I would do all that I can to make them feel supported, honored, acknowledged and free, giving and giving. They can’t make me happy or free anyway.  I do my best not to put pressure on anyone for that. The Sanskrit word “Niralambaya” comes to mind…. meaning unsupported,  IN- dependent, or not trying to find a smaller version of comfort, solidarity, Infinity or God replacement on the outside.  This is an easy way to set up victimization mentality or prisoner co-dependentancy, looking for freedom on the outside, which all has measures and limits and will set within us seeds of inner war and struggle.

 Have you ever had a relationship that makes you feel less free, more constricted, diminishes you, your dreams and possibilities, or is mixed in motive, scarce in measure and uneven? Have you ever given what you thought was love that was actually binding a person or thing further to who you think they are or should be or benefiting mostly you,  keeping them small? There are leaders of Nations that do that also…. religions do it, family members do it, many humans do it and often unintentionally. Living acts of liberation means that others feel empowered because of the selfless way in which we love them and respect them. They feel more empowered and not less. They become a hero to us… and all we want to do is fearlessly give back, as it reminds us of living large in the vast, big picture with them. This big mentality annihilates inner war and inner terrorism, defeating the real enemies that keep each one of us small. This is the entire story of The Bhagavad Gita… that each one of us needs to be a “hero” for the other, just like the David Bowie Brian Eno song.

   Now each time I get around the ocean, since she is so large and condition free, offering so much,  I sit and ask her what it is that I can do to serve her more, to act big and to give the ocean, the earth, the lives upon a greater sense of freedom, not an inhibited scarcity exchange. I ask her how it is that I can also ACT like I am free so that “others” are free.

   Actions are expressions and exchanges. If  exchanges aren’t clear something is already beginning to make what could be immense smaller…. a social distortion.  Clutter, drama and self aggrandizement never feel good or remind us of potentiality in any way.  Making some things large that are not meant to be is also constricting and distorted. A narcissist will always attract victims… fear attracts more polluted paranoid fear… and the 2 will feed off of each other because somewhere the balancing scale needs to come back to the middle. Judging, taking things personally and separating things we do not understand also leaves us feeling small. It is disproportionate.  It is too outward so naturally there will be a contraction inward in the division. Any exchange that is simply off gets confusing because truly, Love is “suppose” to remind us of liberation and not contraction.  Love’s nature and our nature is to BE. To be be BIG.

  Other things that come from the media and internet often keep us cluttered and small, as do certain unquestioned laws and “normal” sedated ways of thinking and being, often very far from our large innate origin or intuitive ethos. Many of these laws are innocent in nature, some not. But at some point it must all get questioned. Anything that perpetually creates confusion & distress to our nervous system and natural, innocent, playful state of being is dulling our grandness. There is no imagination, Self rule nor creativity there. We are often afraid of our immensity because of being taught to be comfortable, as well as the effort and revelatory nature of anything big and the undoing that it takes to get there, even if it be our destiny. Evolution is inevitable. Yet, we are not always taught how to access it or have any sort of 3rd eye training so we perceive something being unfamiliar or uncomfortable as suffering.

  Often at check in points while I am on annual pilgrimages or retreat I access an inner check list of mental seeds that arise once out of my comfort zone that might possibly keep me afraid, avoidant, habituated, obsessed, worried or small, which is unnatural and makes me feel limited and very unlike myself. It will eventually eat away at me and that is unacceptable to me. This could be emotions, vulnerabilities, unfamiliar circumstances, old demons, unpleasant memories, old seeds arising, uncertainty of things to come, expectations, disappointments, etc. I then also have an ongoing and pretty solid list of things that REALLY make me feel free that have truly worked and things that seem to activate my kindness, friendliness and intuitive capacities so that an evolution is happening within me, free of the need of something on the outside of which to activate it. I am not looking for things that feel free for the moment in this check list, but a freedom that strikes primal Soul needs of dharma, interconnectedness and deep Soul satisfaction. We must get to a place where we trust our intuitive and not label it as ridiculous or afraid. Great courage is needed for this.  If I do not know where my mind is weak, due to these practice’s feedback and downloads, I could still possibly be very shackled and imprisoned and have no experience whatsoever of my intuition.

 Anything that keeps our transmission down is a problem. We are psychic beings by nature, with lucid dreams, deep sleep and super human traits. This is not a big deal really. We all have this within us. Divine Shakti is within us all. It is not personal to just a few. But it takes work to access and to keep going on a daily basis. Anyone that appears large in any way has done the work somewhere to keep their transmission clear.

  It has always been interesting for me to dig and be honest about what is actually “right” for me because it makes me feel like myself, which helps me remember our infinite measure. This formula doesn’t work for everyone, as what helps me feel in touch with my wild, large nature may be someones else’s discomfort or prison. How am I to say? And, some things that look good on the outside and look liberating…., listen and have good contact with your Soul needs or you may find yourself boxed in again and distracted on your path.  I have come across a few of those seductive temptations.

  They say that there are infinite amounts of Souls waiting to get a body to experience their consciousness so that they understand what freedom actually means, yet each Soul’s dharma can not be simulated nor replicated into some fake version of ourselves. This means we have to discover within ourselves what fills our Shakti levels up, lights us up like the sky on the 4th of July, and inspires us to continue expanding. It all comes from the same Source in the end, so we all have access to it, but how we get filled and fulfilled is really quite different, according to our Universal blueprint of past karmas which help drive us into all of the places we are still small in this lifetime.  Remaining small is unnatural. It doesn’t serve anyone and it goes against the serious blessing it is to have the chance to be a Soul in a body and to be free.

  I can love someone because I don’t want to be lonely.  I could do yoga asana because I want to look good. I could give something very special to someone because I expect a result from it.  I could have friends because they make me happy.I could make love to someone because I want my physical needs filled.  I could sing to get attention on a stage. I could take full credit for everything that I do. Then the “sankalpa”, intentionality, of something meant to be quite large and moving like the Universe is still very binding and distorted, even if behind a thin cloudy veil.  Very far from being a hero. Unfortunately that very sacred thing is not quite so sacred anymore. Nor have we protected it or given back to it, which is not liberating at all. This is where joy falls short, is unsatisfying and feels plastic.

The eco system is a wonderful example of being… thus being large. Trees don’t judge other trees as in “why are you a Spruce, I like Sandalwood trees", they just continue to provide shade and oxygen and to be, which naturally gives as a result. The ocean’s wave continue to move in synchronicity with the moon. The moon is not better or worse than the ocean. They are both immense. Mutually beneficial symbiotic connections and honoring everyone’s unique experience and purpose is magic. Real magic is authentic  shift in perception where  the mind breaks open. Original magic is innocent and non selective. It is available to anyone with readiness and capacity.

"Mukti"  or "Moksha” means liberation in Sanskrit.  We all like the sound of this but are we really advocates of it? Freedom is really quite provocative.  It is not packaged. It doesn’t belong to a group, one sexual preference, religion or one country or flag. These are all ego groups in the end.  It is totally boundless. There is an infinite supply and it is free in every sense of the word. Prioritizing what really gets us to remember we are free on a larger scale than what we are typically conditioned to think of is forward thinking… a true trailblazer. 

The mind and the ego tend to fluctuate with the greatest measurements and this was what most of us were taught to perceive with along with the need to get or have but not necessarily give without receiving. The ego and mind will waver and often contract and weaken, needing to receive to get fed. To fluctuate is the minds nature. Operating from a larger, less cluttered, fractured and infinite place will give us the most clear, liberating exchanges possible. 

Once you taste true freedom you know it because that is what you really want for everyone else, not for them to all think and live like you and for you.  For me, that has been the art of living large. 

“Be glad that you are free. Free to change your mind. Free to go most anywhere anytime. Be glad that you are free. There is many a man who is not. Be glad for what you have and what you’ve got.” PRINCE

And a line from the band Public Enemy…. “The real revolution is the evolution of the mind. Revolution means change. Don’t look at me strange. if you don’t stand for something you fall for anything. Lifes a beautiful thing. Don’t believe the hype”

"I want to BE.... as deep, as the Ocean. Mother Ocean. Not talk and all action." Janes Addiction

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah. Save Santu Niramaya. Sarve Badrani Pashyantu. Ma Kashied Dukha Bag Bhavet. May ALL beings be free some sorrow. May all beings be free from sickness. May all look for the good of others. May there be no beings that are unhappy.

Photos: all taken in Pensacola Beach, FL where we will host our first Annual BE FREE. Real Liberation Retreat at our Swan Sanctuary for the 4th of July. Be free.

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