Dec 15, 2010

Lift Off From the Foundation

December 15, 2010

    In our yoga classes this month, our studios are focusing in on a book from one of my very first Jivamukti Yoga teachers ever (after Sharon Gannon, who was auspiciously my first in 1996) , Lady Ruth Lauer, entitled "Sweeping The Dust". I love her emphasis that when you practice, A LOT, you become more simple, more sensitive, with a greater appreciation of preciousness to everything around you. You see the life eco-system that we all reside in and are, and that this system has specifically been created, upheld, and protected just for us, just for you, to be able to enjoy and further explore the blessings we partake in daily. When I was in Mexico last year on our annual New Years Retreats, a had a Huichol Medicine Man tell me that I have many ancestors that are assisting in holding me up, and in providing for me. They pray for me daily in the Akasha, and want the most tremendous amounts of freedom and happiness for me. That was a sacred, still moment for me. I had realized there was a certain part of my familial line that I never have considered, or noticed, or taken the time to thank. Then I began to note that perhaps I am also doing this with the animals around me, the earth beneath my feet, the water that I live on. It gave me a whole new understanding of all things that have been set up just so for us to be in this holy moment.  The whole idea is that once we acknowledge all that has come before us, there are many things in nature and in the spirit world, that want to provide even more, and they can not, if we do not notice. This was a valuable teaching to me, and each morning I thank my ancestors, my teachers, embodied and not, animal teachers, plant teachers, mineral teachers, etc, along with obvious friends, family, students and companions that wish these things for us also.
   It is so vital that we feel encouraged and supported by the co-participatory atmosphere in which we are a unique and crucial part. Especially as we ever expand and grow, as conditions can increase, there is still an essence of simplicity connecting us all together in a shared eco-system of wild love.
   We now have 4 studios in the making at Swan River Yoga. One in each each neighborhood of the city, the Marigny, the Lower Garden District, Mid-City, and now, coming January 20th, in Arabi, LA, just below the Lower 9. To have been able to even consider this a possibility, there are so many others that have come before us, to "sweep the dust", and create space for this to happen in our area. This is history in the making in New Orleans and the greater area, and everything had to be just so, perfectly set up in the environment, in the region, in the meeting of souls, all on the right path, getting to this place, and yearning for the same thing.

                                     Eka Pada Galavasana in San Jose, Costa Rica

 In our culture, it is not quite as popular as in others to honor those that have come before us, be it the spirits, or perhaps those older, as the wise "crones" that know. Age is not popularized in our media at all, yet, it is through this depth that we are able to truly move and push through a stuck energy, with all of those rooting for us, and offering us tremendous wisdom, for indeed, little do we know, they have set the stage. It is unbelievable to me that we have come this far in the south with so many healing arts now available, and ever spreading. I would never have imagined this when I first began teaching in my home on Piety street in 1998. Yet, what happened before this? Who was there, re-arranging things for all of this to come to be? I thank those beings and spirits, for sometimes, I have not always wondered, and do not know.
    To witness those that crave this same inter-connected path, and strive so hard daily, to keep the momentum moving forward, humbles me, and even more so now, as I see just how relentless and determined one must be for good.  When I get the auspicious gift of being around my teachers, I do see just how hard they work, practice, move energy, for the sake of all beings. They do it all the time. They do it in the sleep, when they eat, when they are on their computers.  A great quote from Ruth's book... "when you know where everything has arisen from, you become humble".  To imagine those working in other planes, having set up the alignment of all of us having the opportunity to do this healing work truly does humble me. To me, it is the greatest gift we have, to offer our purpose and service to others, and so many others are doing this for us right now.
  Each morning I remember to say thank you, everything amplifies. I thank all beings that I may not even know that are assisting me, and it all just gets bigger as a result. It all feels more profound, more full of purpose, more aligned, and very protected and supported. I wish to thank all the beings that have invited the lift off for us. We have a solid foundation in the swamp. That is miraculous in itself. And there is so much potential in that  freedom flight, due to our free will to align with all that supports us.  The mystery of the Universal network brings great wonder in it's origin. We are all so honored to be granted and aligned with this gift of flight.  May we all be able to remember where all things come from, far beyond any one of us, yet totally in co-participation with us in elegant, magical synchronicity. May we all get synched up with the simple wonder.

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