Dec 12, 2010

Sivas Dance of the Divine Gulf Coast Tour; The Cosmic Mirrors

   Each year I travel the Gulf Coast Region in various studios in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, just after our Swan River Yoga Teacher Training has completed.
It brings me a great Cosmic view, to witness the looming of our region, and the Universal order that time and space provide, if we remain in that big picture.  Being a gypsy at heart, I love to network, gather, offer and amplify the purpose of each being that I come into contact with. One of my spirit animals, truly surprising to me at the time, is a spider. A spider likes to gather those into the great Cosmic web, and to story tell.  It blows me away to see the great Cosmic mirror that gets placed before me each time I interact with and meet another soul and honor their connection the the web of which we are all a threaded,  sewn part.
   The Gulf Coast is unique in that we have a very sacred, and personal relationship with the element of water. Each time I leave New Orleans, in any direction, I am reminded of this in an instant. There are waterways, lakes, bogs, and bayous in any direction you take out of town, and an entire Gulf in close reach. Each one of us in these states has had numerous, up close, and personal encounters with the element of water. We all share a unique karma, with interwoven teachings from this element. This seems to happen again and again.
  I see the Gulf yogis as serious pioneers in their relentless determination for healing and the perseverance of warmth and community. Water is an element that connects us all together, in her softness, her reflection, her cleansing, her reception, as well as her power, fierceness, and swelling destructive traits. These same qualities I witness, and a more elevated level, each time I visit all of the studios and yogis. Each time I see a greater being, a drop of the ocean, connected to the whole. I see more depth, more authenticity, and a deeper concern to connect to the flow of their lives and surroundings. I also see stagnations that once before seemed so stuck for us here in the south washed away, and a greater healing community swimming in their current, creating a deeper relationship with their surroundings of which they are a part.
   There are often great, dense forces in our region that can truly be resistant to change, or to light. I feel the charge of the currents of the life force of shakti moving in relationship with these energies, and all of us gaining momentum and permission to truly be able to do our work of service, healing, sharing, loving, living fully.

  I was just in Baton Rouge all day yesterday, have been in Pensacola, FL at Abhaya Yoga, Ocean Springs at River Rock Yoga, Lafayette, LA, and soon I will go to Hattiesburg, MS to the Yoga Room and Fairhope, AL to YogaBirds... I am truly honored to have such luminous reflective mirror from each of these yogis, working hard to keep it real, to cleanse, and swim in the currents, waves, swells, swamps of our life. Thank you dear Gulf Coast Yogis are being the great Cosmic Mirror, and setting examples to others in the world of the shimmering potential within us all. We are all on the same team, this blue grid. Lets continue to reflect the strength of the web to others ever feeling the struggle of disconnect. 
 Om Namah Shivaya.

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  1. Gulf Coast Yogis are being the great Cosmic Mirror, and setting examples to others in the world of the shimmering potential within us all.